April 2017

Large-Scale Scrum simulation with LEGO Bricks #lego4scrum #less
by Alexey Krivitsky


 June 2016

Scrum and teamwork

by Marco Avendaño


April 2016

Learning Scrum With Lego

by Hugo Messe


June 2016

Scrum and teamwork

by Marco Avendaño


Dec 2015

Teaching Agile through games

by Wesley van Heije


Sep 2015

Video: Scrum simulation with LEGO

by  Jan Kees Velthoven


Sep 2015

Lego Scrum report from mhs.com

by David Cartagena, Project Manager, MHS Inc.


Aug 2015

Video:  lego4scrum workshop in 53 seconds

by Bartosz Zieleźnik


June 2015

Lego Scrum in the Big Apple Scrum Day 
by Darren Taylor


April 2015

Are you talking about water or getting wet? Become Agile through simulations

by Alex Lichtenberger


July 2013

Learning about Individual Collaborative Strengths: A LEGO Scrum Simulation 

by Heather Getha-Taylor and Alexey Krivitsky School of Public Affairs and Administration, University of Kansas


July 2013

Experiences and lessons learned from the Scrum Lego Game 
by Christiaan Verwijs


June 2013

Where is my city? Lego scrum simulation 
by Galina Kostetskaya (@tisquirrel)


Apr 2013

Photo report 

by lacantine-rennes


Feb 2013

Lego Scrum Workshop 

by Ralph van Roosmalen


Feb 2012

My experience on Scrum simulation with LEGO 
by Saket Bivalkar


Sep 2012

We want a city (Scrum simulation with LEGO extension)

by Niels Talens


Apr 2009

The Road to Scrum is Paved with Lego (updated) 

by Gerry Kirk


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