Simulation Scrum avec des Briques LEGO - Скрам симуляция с ЛЕГО - SCRUM-simulering med LEGO-klodser - Una simulación de Scrum con piezas de LEGO - การจําลอง Scrum ด้วยตัวต่อ Lego - Symulacja Scrum przy użyciu LEGO - Simulácia Scrumu s LEGO kockami - Simulare SCRUM cu piese LEGO - Scrum simulation med LEGO klossar - LEGOを使ったスクラムシミュレーション - Scrum Simulation mit LEGO Steinen - Giả lập qui trình Scrum với trò chơi LEGO - Simulação de Scrum com Peças de Lego - Simulazione Scrum con mattoncini LEGO - Scrum Szimuláció LEGO kockákkal - Lego İle Scrum Simülasyonu - Scrum Simulatie met LEGO stenen

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Play in-house with a facilitator

A note from the author, Alexey Krivitsky:
This Lego Scrum Simulation is getting so popular, that from time to time I receive requests to run it in-house.  I regular receive notes from random people all over the World trying it out on their trainings and workshops and sharing their great experiences. 
It's really a great simulation which I had a chance to invent back in 2008. I've been teaching Scrum by using the simulation for more than 7 years now. 
The game is suitable for groups starting from already from 5 people. 
Several times I was able to scale it up to over 100 people by applying Large Scale Scrum principles. So teaching both single-team and scaled Scrum is totally feasible with the game. 
Depending on prior Scrum experience duration can vary from 2 to 4 hours.  
If you have in-house ScrumMasters / Agile Coaches, then can as well be your facilitators - just use the instructions in more than 15 languages.
These days I personally run a much more elaborated version of the simulation comparing to the one described in the instructions. It typically includes things like collaborative project chartering, story mapping, quick multi-team estimates, visual multi-team Scrum board, single-team and overall retrospective, and so on. 
Ask me questions if you're interested to go that far with it. It all nicely fits into the game flow. 
Drop me a note if you're interested in seeing this in action in your company. 
Fun and learning 100% guaranteed!
Contact Alexey:

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Welcome to the home of the
Scrum Simulation with LEGOs

It is a simulation of Scrum - an Agile software development framework with LEGOs.
Over the last years the game has been tried out by hundreds of Agile coaches all around the World.
The goal of this site is to collect new variations, materials and build up a community to collaborate and elaborate this topic.
Interested to know more?