Since the end of the pandemic, we have started to offer 4-8 hour face-to-face lego4scrum workshops.


You will be able to experience the power of the method from Alexey Krivitsky, who has run hundreds of lego4scrum workshops, including large-scale ones with a 100 people.


Workshop Format

  • 20 - 100 participants
  • 6 - 8 hours
  • 20% lecturing / 80% simulations
  • simulation with paper, LEGO and other materials

The Audience

  • Members of agile teams
  • University students from Computer Science, MBA IT and similar curricula
  • Anyone interested in learning how Lean, Agile and Scrum ideas work in practice and in scale


  1. Overview of Agile and Scrum and what this means in the context of business agility.
  2. Challenges of scaling Agile and Scrum beyond a single team.
  3. Overview of the Large-Scale Scrum frameworks.
  4. Team self-design workshop and the concepts of self-management.
  5. Product Ownership at scale with Area Product Owners.
  6. Product backlog refinement workshops and practices of customer-centricity.
  7. Multi-team Sprint Planning and cross-team coordination techniques.
  8. Sprinting with multiple teams Scrum.
  9. Overall Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospectives, and inspect & adapt cycles at scale.
  10. Debrief of the simulation and how this is applicable to your company's transformation landscape.

Consider #lego4scrum in a corporate setting as a collective learning session.


Contact us to discuss the details: with a subject "WORKSHOP".